Monday, October 24, 2011

Scraps Update

We finished filming Scraps on Sunday, October 16, 2011. It was an emotional and frantic whirlwind of a two weeks (for me, at least...everyone else seemed really focused and cool as cucumbers). So much to cram into two little weekends. But somehow, according to a brief shot audit by one of the DP's crew members, we apparently got all of our scenes! There are a few insert photos to be taken, the intro footage to be filmed by moi and then compilation of audio, video, stills and artwork will begin.

Editing this beast of a shortie will be done by a team hand-picked by our DP, Aaron Leong. Aaron will be synching things up and will work on color correction. The rough and fine cuts of the footage will be done by Shawna Smith and sound editing will be done by Ian Webb, all of which will be overseen by Imani and me.

Promotional materials which will be sent out as incentives for donations are in the process of being designed!

I am looking forward to bringing news soon! And, thanks again for all of your support!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Support our Supporting Actress...Marina Montes!

Marina is playing the character of Nadine!

Marina Montes is a fun-loving teenager with a passion for life. She is the youngest of three girls and loves being the baby of the family because she knows she gets away with a lot.

From an early age, Marina has had a desire to act and has since been the lead role in short films “Camille’s Bicycle” and a remake of “Can’t Buy Me Love”.  She has also had supporting roles in “Oh Boy” and “Restaurant”.  She has also done theater but feels that being in front of the camera is where she belongs.
When not acting, she’s doing the usual teen girl stuff like texting, dancing, playing guitar and going to the movies with friends.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Meet Meghan Case...

Meghan will be playing our lead actress, Maggie!

Meghan Case lives in a small suburb of Sacramento with her parents and two brothers. She has appeared in six seasons of the Sacramento Ballet's production of the Nutcracker in various roles, such as Teeny Tiny Mouse, Cook, Reindeer and Soldier. Meghan also trained with Pirouette's Dance Academy of Roseville for 7 years in ballet, jazz and tap. Meghan can been seen in short films and presentations such as Joseph Cady's "Ways of the Unknown Zombie," and a California Teacher Association Public Service Announcement.  Meghan currently attends Arcade Fundemental Middle School and while maintaining a 3.5 GPA, is the elected Student Body President and member of the competitive basketball team. Meghan enjoys writing short stories, creating films and excessive clothes shopping when not arguing with her brothers.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Wonderful Wardrobes, Batman!

And next up we have our wardrobe and production assistant, Molly Smith!

Molly Elizabeth Smith was born and raised in the suburbs of Sacramento. She's had a passion for theatre ever since her mother proclaimed that she would win an academy award for 'best tantrum' when she was six years old. Her first real role was Puck in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Nights Dream, in the third grade, and she still proclaims that to be her best performance. Since then she has acted in over ten shows throughout high school and college (her favorites include Rumors, Beauty and the Beast, and Othello). 

Recently she has been cast as Ismene in the play Antigone at American River College. She has also been a stage manager, sound operator, assistant director and the director of a one act show. Most recently she was an intern at California Musical Theatre in the summer of 2010 and then was asked to come back for a paid position as a professional assistant in the wardrobe department summer of 2011. She is thrilled  to be working on her first independent film project and that she has the pleasure of working with such great people.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

He's Got the Mics, the Mics That Go Boom!

Here's our boom operator:

Diego Enrique Flores

I grew up in the East Bay Area, CA where I attended Contra Costa College and San Francisco State University earning my Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication. I take pride in the fact that I motivated myself to take classes in basic piano and learning what it takes to read and play music in classical guitar following in the footsteps of my family. 

Among some of my hobbies are yoga, physical fitness, dance and practicing the art of sound and music and not to mention behind the scenes production. 
I have many varied interests including architecture, illustration, writing essays on social topics, teaching youth, reading, dance, DJ, science projects and endeavors such as biology, astronomy and computer technology.
My hope is to collaborate with aspiring artists and educators in producing educational documentaries and merging the art of technology, theater with practical education.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our first hair and make-up girl, Angelica Walsh!

Angelica Walsh was born and raised right here in the Golden State.  She became interested in makeup at a young age.  Inspired by her mother's small brown makeup bag, she just couldn't wait to open it and see what amazing colors waited inside to brightly color her face. Her earliest memory of lipstick was the small Avon sample lipstick.  She just couldn't wait to put it on and hasn't put down the makeup ever since. She has done makeup and hair for proms, weddings, fashion shows and countless other occasions.  She has even done freelance work for MAC cosmetics.  Her favorite makeup artists are Bobbi Brown, Sonia Kashuk, and the late Kevyn Aucoin.  She prays one day to live up to their potential.